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Good practices for the acquisition and learning of the foreign language through STEAM pedagogies

Since the SeLFiE project began in 2020, a highly qualified team has worked on the creation of tools that bring students closer to efficient learning of a second language and that provide the current pedagogical model with a sustainable, practical and evidence-based perspective.

The first phase of the development process of this pedagogical model focused on the identification of existing practices in Early Childhood and Primary Education (4-11 years), given the complexity of bilingual education in real practical environments. Teachers within the associated schools were using STEAM methods during the previous years and are well-adapted to the demands that the SELFIE project entails. Although the SeLFiE pedagogical model had not been developed at this stage of the project, teachers’ Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) already demonstrated the effectiveness and importance of integrative learning-teaching approaches. 

This process led to the compilation of 17 examples of Good Practices where STEAM has been used to teach the foreign language: that is, a compendium of experiences that are guided by appropriate and advisable principles, objectives and procedures evidencing positive results, demonstrating its effectiveness and validating their applicability and utility in real settings.

The Good Practices compiled within the SeLFiE project Toolkit come from real centres and teachers in three countries: Spain, Poland and Malta. These Good Practices are available in English, Spanish and French. The intention has been to provide teachers and other educators with different and practical examples which have obtained positive results. These Good Practices also serve to convince and inspire teachers, assimilating that it is possible, for children at an early age, to learn a foreign language while also learning curricular content from other subjects.

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