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SeLFiE Final Multiplier Event

On 6th May, in Burgos, the SeLFiE Final Multiplier Event will take place: Innovative Practices to Support Comprehensive Competence in Primary Bilingual Schools

Date: 6 May 2023
Starting time: 8:30 a.m.
Event Venue: La Estación de la Ciencia y la Tecnología (Burgos, Spain)
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As you already know, SELFIE aims to improve the competences of bilingual primary school teachers and their trainers in order to facilitate the acquisition of the necessary skills for foreign language learning by primary school students through STEAM topics and active pedagogies. Bilingual education is a reality that is increasingly being implemented at different levels of schools in Europe.

This SeLFiE multiplier event will take place in two parts:

  • During the morning, the project, its development and the results achieved will be discussed, as well as providing theoretical insights into the pedagogical framework developed.
  • During the afternoon, a wide variety of workshops will allow participants to learn about innovative methodologies that can be applied in integrated approaches in the different areas of the curriculum.

This event, declared of provincial interest by the Provincial Directorate of Education of Burgos, marks the beginning of the last stage of the project, which has so far reached 1916 pre-school and primary school children from Spain, Malta and Poland; 25 bilingual partner schools (English, French, Spanish and German) and 66 teachers from bilingual sections.

Now we want to reach you! We look forward to seeing you on 6th May at La Estación de la Ciencia y la Tecnología, the knowledge-generating space in Burgos.

Through the following link you can register for the event (registration open until 30 April 2023):

4 Parallel workshops (15:00 – 16:30). Choose one:

  • Workshop 1: Matemáticas a través de los sentidos – Alicia Martínez González. Universidad de Burgos. Inscripción al workshop
  • Workshop 2: Providing Support and Challenge in a Diverse Classroom through the SeLFiE Model – Charmaine Bonello & Rosienne Camilleri. University of Malta. Inscripción al workshop
  • Workshop 3: Programando con SelFie – Débora de la Casas Cabrera y Lorena Ayut Arrocha. CEIP Gabriel Duque Acosta (La Palma). Inscripción al workshop
  • Workshop 4: La música como herramienta didáctica: es más fácil de lo que parece – Ignacio Nieto (Universidad de Burgos). Inscripción al workshop

4 Parallel workshops (17:00 – 18:30). Choose one:

  • Workshop 1: La metodología de diseño de ingeniería para la educación STEAM integrada.  – Jairo Ortiz Revilla. Universidad de Burgos. Inscripción al workshop
  • Workshop 2: Mucho más que abejas. PCII – Ileana Mª Greca / Almudena Centeno Alonso / Esther Sanz de la Cal. Universidad de Burgos. Inscripción al workshop
  • Workshop 3: Del ‘bilingüismo “fake”‘ al ‘Yes, we can!’: situación de aprendizaje de éxito con el modelo SeLFiE – Noelle Clayton (ATD de la Dirección Provincial de Educación de Burgos) y Adolfo Retamero Santamaría (CFIE de Burgos). Inscripción al workshop
  • Workshop 4: Las artes en la educación integrada – Raquel Sanz Camarero. Universidad de Burgos. Inscripción al workshop
We are waiting for you!

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